Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Hillary Does Not Deserve Your Vote

Hillary Clinton stands for nothing but post-menopausal feminism.  Her entire raison d'etre is to show "the girls" can finish first--but she's not going to win.  Whether Obama or McCain defeats her, she will lose.  Feminists should look elsewhere for a leader.  Perhaps in the GOP.

Hillary Clinton has changed her opinion countless times on countless issues and has absolutely no guiding ideology.  She just copied everything from her husband, as he seemed to do well.  She could just as well run as a Republican, if she had had a different husband and if the GOP had been open to man-hating feminism.

Hillary supported the war and would have continued to do so if it had not been such difficult going for our fighting men in action.  She is essentially a coward.  She cannot be trusted as commander-in-chief.  It is true that there have been great women leaders in the past in the English-speaking world, but they had almost a superhuman status.  Thatcher might be an exception, but we don't need another Thatcher and Hillary does have the brains or will-power of Thatcher in any case.  Hillary is nothing like them.  As to other women leaders in the West--they all command nations with limited military activity.   In any case, Hillary has not made the transformation away from traditional female traits toward the type of being who can command armies.

Obama ought not say he would support Hillary as DP candidate.  She doesn't deserve anyone's vote.  Obama needs to take Hillary out--out of the race--by going all out against her.  Perhaps he ought to contact the Republicans for some notes on dirty laundry, as I am sure they would much rather run against "the Black Man"--who, realistically speaking, has absolutely no chance of becoming President in today's racist America--than against Hillary, who might have some infinitesimal chance of beating of McCain.

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