Thursday, April 3, 2008

Military Spending

Obama has unfortunately claimed that we need to expand our armed forces. It is true that if the U.S. fights questionable, major wars in the Middle East without the support of key allies such as Germany and France, the U.S. will face a strain on its military manpower. But does this not mere imply that Obama's bomb for scaling down our involvement is correct?

The U.S. spends over 45% of the total world spending on military matters. Since the U.S. has powerful, rich allies such as Germany, Japan, and Great Britain, has defeated the Soviet Union, possess ballistic supremacy paralleled only, at most, by Russia, and continues to be separated from all credible external threats by vast oceans, this is far, far too much military spending.

I believe that Obama ought to do more to assure us that he is committed to reducing military spending once we have moderated our position in Iraq.

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