Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Bitterness Comments

Obama has claimed that small-town voters who are frustrated at job losses try to "explain" their feelings with reference to religion, guns, and anti-immigration sentiments.  He has tried to explain his own comments in terms of a simple description of the frustration that exists.

The Obama spin-doctors are not doing very well on this score.  It is clear that Obama is applying the typical psychoanalytic-Marxism upon which liberal Leftists are educated.  Yes, obviously frustration exists, and perhaps some of it is rightly directed at anti-religion, anti-gun, and anti-immigration-control activists.  But what is not obvious is that there is something un-real or false about certain pro-religion, pro-gun, pro-immigration-reform attitudes.  And that is exactly what Obama was saying:  that these attitudes are false value-expressions of a true, "base" situation, the condition of the workers (presumably, "the proletariat").

Perhaps Obama is correct to some degree.  Certainly, those who have sufficient wealth to separate themselves from criminal and immigrant groups can more readily be anti-gun and pro-mass-immigration.   Nor need they rely on the solace of religion as often.  Considering Obama's claims more generously, it seems credible to imagine that many very religious, pro-gun, pro-immigration reform advocates are not believing what they believe for the right reasons, but have instead got caught up in fantasies concerning the evils of the Federal Government, or the possibility of turning back the fait accompli of America's demographic revolution, etc.  

But it is clearly wrong to imply that all pro-religion, pro-gun, pro-immigration-control attitudes among the working class are false expressions of a real situation.  Such a claim takes us to typical Leftist rhetoric of the Frankfurt/New School variety.

Still, we have to understand where Obama is coming from.  The Marxist Left provides the student with endless, fascinating tools for analyzing his or situation.  And, as I have implied, there may be some truth to some of its rhetoric, even if it is wrongly skewed in an anti-white, pro-government direction.  So it is not so surprising when someone like Obama, a graduate of Harvard, dips into the pool of Marxist rhetoric.  It is as simple as breathing for someone like him, who has also been caught up in years of Leftist political organizing.  

Obama remains the only candidate with a chance of defeating John McCain, a warmonger (a seller of war), Big Government Republican who received only a marginally better score than Obama from the NRA and FAIR (the immigration reform group).

It is sad that Democrat candidates cannot be more pro-gun, pro-marriage, and pro-prayer, but one has to ask how much their attitudes really matter in the long rung relative to the task of defeating GOP militarism and GOP retrograde taxation, so as to enact much needed increased spending on education, homelessness, and a host of other social issues.  When it comes to immigration, think what you will, but there is not a dime's worth of difference between the views of the major Presidential candidates on this issue, nor are the lines entirely clear at the Congressional level.   In any case, the mass immigration lobby cannot be defeated, for whatever reason this might be.

As such, Obama remains the only choice unless you want to waste your vote on the typical open border looneys from the Libertarian Party, the defeatists, isolationist, "America First" Constitution Party, or the conservative Roman Catholic madness of Pat Buchanan.  

Obama in '08. 


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