Friday, April 18, 2008

Is Hillary Finished?; And Looking to 2012

Hillary Clinton does not seem to be building up a sizeable lead over Obama in Pennsylvania.  Obama has recovered remarkably quickly from his "gaffe" problems.  This portends the end for Hillary Clinton.  

Such an event is important for our country.  With Obama's leadership, we likely will see a Democratic Party that is not scared to challenge the military-industrial complex, and that promotes issues of substance and idealism in place of a simple stance of "we are not the Republicans."

I think Obama will still lose the general election, because he doesn't have anything to fully offset Republican's Arab-phobia, but also because voters just don't like the Dem.'s healthcare plans.  Indeed, McCain's healthcare proposals are much more sensible and demonstrate a kind of innovate, pro-free-market approach that we endorse here at Third Way Center.  On the other hand, one must accept that there are certain built-in lobbies within the Democratic Party, and one such lobby is the medical industry, and, in particular, that segment of it that has to deal with illegal immigrants, their children, and other groups likely to be outside standard insurance situations.  Moreover, the Dem.'s proposals would have a lot of useful benefits when it comes to supporting education and reducing inequality; as compared to Republican's retrograde tax plans, these proposals may look quite attractive in 2012, when the country will likely be substantially better-off and so more willing and more able to accept $150 billion per year, new Federal healthcare spending. 

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